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TTG's TENANTfinder ™ program is perfect for property owners who want to handle their day-to-day property management but need help finding tenants. We will arrange for local advertising and showings  and make sure that prospective tenants are screened through a detailed application process, saving time and potential issues. We'll collect the deposit and prepare and execute the lease. and ensure that proper utilities and tenant insurance is in place prior to issuing keys.

Customized Partial Management Packages

We are very flexible when it comes to customizing a management package to meet your requirements. Through consultation with one our professionals, you can select only the services you need and generate a completely tailored package, just for your properties unique needs.

Full Management Packages

Full management packages include an array of services such as rent collection and deposit to Owner's bank account, contact center for tenants to ask questions or voice concern's, LTB notice's as needed, facilitating maintenance and repairs with local contractors, monthly Income and Expense reports, annual receipts for tenants and reports for owners and much more!

A la Carte Services

We offer many services on an as needed basis for those Property Owners who have been faced with an issue and need some external assistance. Landlord and Tenant Board documents, credit checks, application screening, Lease and Schedule document preparation and more.  Call us today to see how we can help you!


One of the best choices we ever made was to hire full time managers, we got our life back, we had piece of mind and less stress. TTG is professional, friendly and very helpful, our tenants are pleased with their services as well. Thank you TTG!!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith- St. Thomas, ON

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